Attention, all sections Alpha, command announcement to follow....


Welcome to the home of Alpha:2014 - The UK Chrysalis! The Space:1999 event to be held from 12th to 15th September 2014.

This site will bring you all the information about Alpha:2014 as and when it becomes available. But first, some background.

The idea for this event was born at the end of the fantastic Alpha:2012 in Burbank, California, in September 2012. A group of us were sat in the hotel restaurant lamenting the approaching end of the event. It began as a simple "wouldn't it be nice if...", followed by a few "...and we could..." and has now blossomed in to a website, contributors and commitments from some very exciting  guests.

We are now in the last 2 months before the event and things are falling in to place nicely. Have a look at the Guests page and see what a fantastic selection of people we have coming. Stars of the series, creators, stunt people, the list goes on.

Please check back here regularly for updates, email us through the 'Contact' page or follow us on our Facebook page.

See you all in September 2014.

***Transmission ends***