We have been in contact with a number of actors and one very important behind-the-scenes person and they have all been gracious enough to show enthusiasm for Alpha:2014. As guests confirm we will keep this page up to date. All confirmations are subject to work commitments.





Confirmed. Prentis Hancock, Main Mission Controller Paul Morrow, has kindly shuffled his schedule around and will be with us on the Saturday. As you all know, Prentis has been in many genre shows and is an author too. He has many anecdotes to tell and makes a very special contribution to panels and Q&A sessions. We are thrilled that he can now make it to the event.
Confirmed. Nick Tate, Chief Eagle Pilot Alan Carter, has confirmed that he will be with us for the entire event! Nick has had a long and prolific acting career and has appeared in a number of genre classics - Space:1999, Star Trek:TNG, Farscape - plus many other TV and film ventures. Nick is well known for his friendly personality and anecdotes, so come and join in the fun.

Confirmed Anton Phillips, Dr Bob Mathias, will be popping in to run a clinic... well, a Q&A at the very least! Come and meet the best male doctor from Moonbase Alpha. Anton has appeared in Casualty, General Hospital and The Bill, to name a few.

Confirmed Catherine Schell has confirmed that she will be attending Alpha:2014 for the whole event. Apart from being the Metamorph herself, Catherine also played the skimpily clad Guardian of Piri. Outside of Alpha she has appeared in numerous films and, like a number of S:1999 alumni, she has also appeared in Dr Who.
Confirmed Sarah Bullen, Operative Kate, will be with us at Alpha:2014. Sarah is known as both an actress and producer. Her credits include International Velvet and The Fourth Protocol.
Confirmed Suzanne Roquette, Tanya Alexander, has kindly agreed to attend. Apart from Space:1999, Suzanne has appeared in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Band of Brothers and International Velvet along with Sarah Bullen.
Confirmed Pam Rose has agreed to come to the event. She is seen in many Year 2 episodes. She is known outside of the Space:1999 universe for roles in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, International Velvet and Batman to name a few.
Confirmed Christopher Penfold is one of the main minds behind the series we all love so much. He has a unique insight into the creation of Space:1999 and has many credits to his name. Away from Moonbase Alpha he has penned for such highly regarded series as Midsomer Murders, The Bill, Eastenders, Casualty... the list goes on.
Confirmed Jamie Anderson, son of series creator Gerry Anderson (to state the obvious!), will be joining us at the event. While there he will be talking about life growing up with the man whose creative mind gave us our favourite series. Jamie will also be raising awareness on Alzheimer's Disease and ALL profits from Alpha:2014 - The UK Chrysalis will be donated to The Gerry Anderson Tribute Fund. Jamie set this Fund up in memory of his father, a very worthy cause indeed.
Confirmed Suzanne Heimer has tentatively agreed to appear at the event. Suzanne was stand-in for Barbara Bain in Year 1 and has background stories. Lets make her welcome at Alpha:2014 - The UK Chrysalis

Confirmed Paul Weston has kindly agreed to come to Alpha:2014. He will be known to many of you as a security guard or other characters that were thrown around, beaten up or lifted by their throat by Balor, amongst other evil doers! Paul runs his own stunt business and worked on both years of Space:1999 including doubling as Martin from time to time. Come chat with the man with the most bruises on Alpha!



Confirmed Brian Johnson, the special effects and model maestro, will be with us for Saturday and Sunday. We are thrilled to have him at Alpha:2014 - The UK Chrysalis and know that he will be a very busy and popular guest. Brian has received two Academy Awards for special effects and has an extensive career covering film and television in just about every genre you can think of. Among his works he counts Alien (1979), Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back, Revenge of the Pink Panther and, of course, Space:1999. The list just goes on. So, come and meet the man who made our dreams in to reality.